Maple MI-jig, Schleifbock

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Schleifbock von Maple MI. Stabile, präzise und auch für stark gebogene (Shorttrack) Kufen geeignet.
Schleifbock ist demontierbar.

Mi stands for Maple Intelligent, a new quality standard that is representing a series of new products thought out by intelligent and creative minds with the idea of changing the future of ice skating for the better.

The Mi-Jig is one of the first products as a result of this new quality alliance that is making products that are: Innovative, Practical, Firm, and born from a passion for improvement in sports.

Recently Maple Skate came with their newest revolution in Ice Skating: The Maple G-Force speed skating blades. This blade comes with very oversized tubes making it a super stiff skating blade. A small downside was that it didn’t fit in existing sharpening jigs. This could be seen as a good chance to create a new great, functional, stable and affordable sharpening table that allows you to sharpen all skating blades in the market. And thus the Maple Mi-Jig was born.  The Mi-Jig is very light and can be put together and taken apart in about a minute what makes it ideal for travelling or storage. 


The Mi-Jig has more space to put your blades into the clamps, making it possible to sharpen every type of skate, wheater it’s a recreational , or a professional skate.  It comes with 2 top locators and uses a new inventive way of clamping the blades preventing your bend to go out.  So overall this is one of the most complete sharpening tables around for a very affordable price.


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